12 Best Fat Burners for Women

Nobody finds losing weight easy. It involves eating less, cutting out your favorite foods, and exercising more. You’ll feel tired, hungry, and even irritable. In some cases, these issues will be enough to make you cheat on your diet, and then your progress will grind to a halt.

Yep, fat loss can be hard!

However, some dieters rely on a secret weapon to help them lose fat faster and more easily – fat burners.

But, which is the best fat burner for women?

With so many metabolism-boosting supplements available, it can be hard to know which one to choose, and some are definitely better than others.

To save you a whole lot of trial and error, we have tested and reviewed the best weight loss pills so that you can buy with complete confidence.

However, it’s important to note that even the best supplement for belly fat won’t work if you are eating unhealthily or aren’t exercising as much as you should be. None of these products can perform miracles!

But, if you are eating right and staying fit, any of the following could help you to reach your weight loss goal faster and more efficiently.

Top-Rated Fat Burners for Women

1. LeanBean

LeanBean is a powerful, natural fat burner designed specifically for women.Leanbean bottle It’s loaded with safe but effective ingredients to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently. This is one of the most popular female fat burners around!

Key Features

  • Konjac fiber for reduced hunger and fewer cravings
  • Choline for increased fat metabolism
  • Chromium picolinate for fewer cravings and more stable blood glucose
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 for more energy and better carbohydrate metabolism
  • Chloride for better digestion
  • Zinc for increased protein synthesis and a stronger immune system
  • Green coffee bean for a low-stim energy boost and quicker metabolism
  • Turmeric for increasing thermogenesis and metabolism
  • Garcinia Cambogia for increased satiety
  • Acai berry for its health-boosting antioxidants
  • Piperine to increase thermogenesis and also increase the potency of the other ingredients

While LeanBean does contain caffeine, it’s a tiny amount. That means you can use this in the morning, noon, and night without having to worry about unwanted side effects, like anxiety or sleeplessness.

Read the full LeanBean review here. 


  • Proven ingredients
  • Increases metabolism while controlling hunger and cravings
  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Free worldwide shipping


  • Only available online
  • Some users may miss the energizing effect of more caffeine

LeanBean is one of the most popular fat burners for a reason – it really works! If you’re looking for a low-caffeine fat burner that will still help you on your weight loss journey, this could be the one for you.

2. Powher

Most fat burners are made for men. Powher CutThey contain too much of the wrong ingredients to be of much use for women. Many contain too much caffeine, which some women find hard to tolerate. Powher is made for women only – and that means it’s one of the best products for fat loss in women.

Key Features

  • Magnesium, chromium, selenium, and iron for endurance
  • Konjac fiber for less hunger and fewer cravings
  • Caffeine for energy and fat burning
  • Choline for increased fat metabolism

Powher might not have the longest ingredients list, but every substance it contains is a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant. With 100mg of caffeine per serving, this will give you a welcome boost, but it won’t leave your heart racing or your nerves jangling.


  • Well formulated product
  • Tried and tested ingredients
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Minimal unwanted side effects


  • Only available online
  • Not to be used at night as could interfere with sleep

Powher is an immensely popular female fat burner. It contains just enough caffeine to speed up fat loss and increase your energy. This fat burner is highly recommended.

3. Instant Knockout

Designed by boxers and MMA fighters, Instant Knockout is a potent, fast-acting fat burner that will also increase your energy for exercise. Instant KnockoutWith its powerful formulation, you’ll definitely feel this product working.

Key Features

  • Green tea extract for faster fat burning
  • Cayenne pepper for increased thermogenesis
  • Glucomannan for less hunger and fewer cravings
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 for better carbohydrate metabolism
  • GTF chromium for lower, more stable blood glucose
  • Zinc to preserve muscle mass and improve glucose metabolism
  • Green coffee bean extract for enhanced metabolic rate
  • Piperine for increased metabolic rate and improve the thermogenic process

Instant knockout is a high caffeine fat burner. Each serving contains 300mg of caffeine, which is the same amount as three cups of coffee. However, combined with the other ingredients and providing you don’t use it at night, you should start losing weight as soon as you start using this top-rated product.


  • Very powerful formulation
  • All-natural
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Not designed specifically for women
  • May contain too much caffeine for some users

As well as being a powerful fat burner, Instant Knockout will provide you with a welcome boost of energy before exercise, and the harder you work out, the more fat you’ll burn. If you want to try one of the strongest fat burners around, get yourself some Instant Knockout!

4. PhenQ

PhenQ is one of the biggest selling fat burners, and that means it works. PhenQ bottleWith its unique blend of ingredients, this product could be your secret weapon for faster, easier fat loss.

Key Features

  • A-Lacys Reset to accelerate metabolism and increase thermogenic process
  • Capsimax – a blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin
  • Chromium picolinate for lower, more stable blood glucose for less hunger and fewer cravings
  • Caffeine
  • Nopal fiber for increased satiety
  • L-carnitine for more energy and better fat metabolism

PhenQ contains a modest dose of caffeine – around 140mg, which is equal to 1 ½ cups of coffee. Combined with the other ingredients, that’s enough to fire up your metabolism and give you energy, but not so much you experience unwanted side effects.


  • Very well formulated
  • Attacks fat on several fronts at the same time
  • Won’t leave you feeling over-stimulated
  • Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Only available online
  • Not appropriate for nighttime use

Despite its modest caffeine content, it should not be used too close to bedtime. Other than that minor drawback, PhenQ is a suburb fat burner for women.

5. Performance Lab Sport Burn

Performance Lab Sport Burn proves that you don’t need a whole lot of caffeine to make a good weight loss product.Performance Lab In fact, this supplement is entirely caffeine-free, making it ideal for women who prefer stimulant free fat burners.

Key Features

  • HMB for increased metabolism and muscle preservation
  • Forskolin to increase fat burning while preserving or increasing muscle mass
  • Cayenne pepper extract
  • GTF chromium for more stable blood glucose and fewer cravings
  • Black pepper extract for increased metabolism and to boost the potency of the other ingredients

Despite being caffeine and stimulant free, Sport Burn is still a very useful fat burner. Without caffeine, you won’t feel this product working, but that means fewer unwanted side effects, and you can even use Sport Burn late at night without disrupting your sleep.


  • Non-stim formulation
  • Easy to use
  • Great multi-buy offers
  • Proven, all-natural ingredients


  • Only available online
  • Some users may miss the energizing effect of caffeine

If you want a fat burner that won’t give you anxiety, jitters, or insomnia, but still works really well, this is highly recommended. It’s not the most powerful fat burner around, but it will definitely help you on your weight loss journey.

6. Hydroxycut Max

Hydroxycut is one of the most well-known fat burner manufacturers in the world. Hydroxy Cut MaxHigh in potent ingredients, Hydroxycut Max for Women is their best-selling fat burner. It’s not just a fat burner either; it also contains ingredients designed to boost skin, hair, and nail health!

Key Features

  • Folic acid, biotin, collagen, and iron for healthier nails, skin, and hair
  • Caffeine anhydrous, mango extract, kiwi extract, and avocado oil for increased fat burning
  • Robusta coffee extract

Yes, you read that right – there are TWO caffeine sources in Hydroxycut Max for Women. Providing a whopping 375mg of caffeine per serving, this is a very powerful formula. If you need energy, especially for exercise, this product is bound to help.


  • Liquid-filled capsules for fast action and fewer digestive issues
  • Designed especially for women
  • Helps support skin, nail, and hair health
  • Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility
  • Third-party tested and verified ingredients
  • Very well priced


  • Not for vegetarians or vegans
  • Very high caffeine content may be too much for some users

While this product may look like little more than a concentered source of caffeine, it also contains some additional fat burning ingredients. However, with its caffeine mega-dose, you’ll definitely feel this supplement working. Do not use too close to bedtime.

7. Nobi Nutrition Premium

Nobi Nutrition Premium Women’s Fat Burner is specifically designed to work alongside the low-carb keto diet.Nobi Nutrition In fact, if you aren’t doing keto, this product won’t do anything for you.

Key Features

  • Calcium, magnesium, and sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate for energy, increased fat burning, fewer keto flu symptoms, less hunger, and increased focus

Beta-hydroxybutyrate is a source of exogenous ketones. Ketones are what your body produces naturally on a low-carb diet. More ketones equal quicker fat burning and a much more comfortable ketogenic dieting experience.


  • Designed for use alongside the keto diet
  • Scientifically proven ingredients
  • Stim-free formulation
  • An all-natural product


  • Only compatible with keto
  • Not vegetarian or vegan

Providing you are on keto, this supplement could help you lose weight quicker and easier than ever before. But, on any other diet, it won’t do much at all. If you are a low carb dieter, Nobi Nutrition Premium Women’s Fat Burner (which will work for men too!) is a good choice.

8. Nutra Mode

Nutra Mode Fat Burner for Women contains a nice mix of proven ingredients. Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility, this product can help increase fat burning and metabolism while decreasing hunger.Nutra Mode It’s also a gentle but effective energy booster.

Key Features

  • Garcinia cambogia to increase satiety, block the formation of new fat cells, and increase fat burning
  • Green tea leaf extract for increased metabolism, better mental focus, and health-boosting antioxidants
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Green coffee bean extract for better fat burning and a brighter mood
  • Raspberry ketones for appetite control and to boost metabolism

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, this product contains a modest 130mg of caffeine. That’s enough to increase your energy and increase fat burning but won’t leave you with a whole lot of unwanted side effects. This is an excellent product for dieters who don’t want or need a lot of caffeine.


  • Proven, natural ingredients
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Compatible with the ketogenic diet
  • Easy to swallow, vegan-friendly capsules


  • May contain too much caffeine for very sensitive users

Whatever diet you are on, Nutra Mode Fat Burner for Women should make the entire process more comfortable and productive. With appetite suppressors and metabolism boosters, this product provides all the support you need to reach your weight loss goals.

9. Vita Raw

Weight loss supplements don’t come much more complete than Vita Raw Fat Burner for Women. Vita RawIt contains a broad spectrum of ingredients designed to attack fat on several different fronts at once. This product is a great all-rounder.

Key Features

  • Garcinia cambogia to increase satiety, block the formation of new fat cells, and increase fat burning
  • Green tea extract for quicker fat burning
  • Caffeine anhydrous for energy and increased metabolic rate
  • White kidney bean for less hunger and fewer cravings
  • Coleus forskolin extract for increased muscle mass and a quicker metabolism
  • Chromium for more stable blood glucose and fewer cravings
  • Raspberry ketones for energy and appetite control

Made for women, this supplement contains everything you need to lose weight quicker and more efficiently. It’ll boost your energy while limiting hunger – the perfect combination. However, because the capsules are made from gelatin, this product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


  • Very balanced formulation
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Proven, all-natural ingredients
  • Can be used alongside any diet, including keto


  • Not vegetarian or vegan

With 150mg of caffeine per serving, this product may be a little too strong for some users and is best used during the day as nighttime use could lead to insomnia. Other than that, this product is recommended for dieters looking for energy, less hunger, and more rapid fat loss.

10. Evlution Lean Mode

Evlution Lean Mode is a stim-free fat burner that contains several interesting, proven, natural ingredients.EVL Lean Mode Its potent formulation should produce noticeable fat-burning results.

Key Features

  • Garcinia cambogia extract for less hunger, to block the formation of new fat cells, and speed up fat burning
  • Green coffee bean extract for fat burning and thermogenesis
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) to increase fat burning
  • Green tea leaf extract for stim-free energy and fat burning
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine

CLA is a special type of fat that actually speeds up fat loss. Combined with the other ingredients in this supplement, dieters should find that Evlution makes losing weight faster and more comfortable but without unpleasant side effects.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Fast-acting stim-free formula
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility


  • Some users may miss the energizing effect of caffeine
  • Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans

This supp is not explicitly aimed at women, but it’s stimulant free formulation and carefully chosen main ingredient mean that it’s an excellent female fat burner. Despite being caffeine-free, this product will still enhance weight loss, and also boost your energy.

11. Nature Wise CLA 1250

Some weight-loss products contain lots of different ingredients, including stimulants, metabolism boosters, thermogenics, appetite suppressants, and mood enhancers.Nature Wise Nature Wise CLA 1250 is not one of them and, instead, contains nothing but conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA for short. CLA is a proven weight loss substance.

Key Features

  • 25 grams of CLA per serving for enhanced fat burning, increased energy, prevention of fat storage, and muscle preservation/building

CLA is a type of fat that burns fat. Naturally found in butter, meat, cheese, and milk, studies reveal that CLA can lead to weight loss even in dieters who did not change their diet or activity levels. However, to get the most from this product, you should eat less and exercise more.


  • All-natural ingredient
  • CLA is a heart-healthy fat
  • Easy to swallow soft-gel capsules
  • 2-month supply per bottle
  • Naturally stimulant-free


  • Not appropriate for vegetarians or vegans
  • No appetite suppression
  • Some users may miss the energy-boosting effects of caffeine

Because Nature Wise CLA 1250 contains no additional ingredients, it can be safely used alongside other fat burners, such as those that contain caffeine. It can also be used on its own. Either way, CLA 1250 contains a concentrated source of a proven fat burning substance.

12. Lean XT

Jacked Factory makes some of the most potent sports nutrition supplements around.Lean XT Lean XT is one of the best non-stim fat burners available and, despite being caffeine-free, will still help you lose weight faster and easier than ever before.

Key Features

  • Acetyl-l-carnitine for energy and fat burning
  • Green tea extract for increased stim-free thermogenesis and fat burning
  • Coleus forskolin root extract for faster fat loss
  • Black pepper extract for increased metabolism and to improve the potency of the other ingredients

Without caffeine, some people may think that Lean XT is nothing more than a paper tiger and that it won’t produce any noticeable results. Those people are wrong! It contains proven fat burners, and it doesn’t suffer one iota for being caffeine and stimulant free.


  • Non-stim formulation
  • No addictive or habit-forming ingredients
  • Won’t disrupt your sleep


  • Won’t boost your energy like caffeinated fat burners can

Jacked factory XT is not as hardcore as some fat burners, but that’s no bad thing if you prefer to avoid the anxiety, jitters, and insomnia that over-caffeinated fat loss supplements often cause. Despite being stimulant free, this is still an excellent weight loss supplement.

Bottom Line

Fat burners are a lot like the women who use them – they come in all shapes and sizes! Because of this, it’s crucial that you use the right one for you. Some contain lots of caffeine, which is an excellent fat burner and energizer but could leave you feeling anxious or unable to sleep. Others are stim-free and, subsequently, have a gentler effect. However, they won’t pick you up when you are feeling down.

Choosing the best diet pills can often be something of a trial – there are so many different types available. But the good news is that if you pick one of the products in this review, it’ll deliver the results you want.

Combined with sensible dietary intake and regular, sustainable workout program, any of these supplements will help you lose stomach fat and ditch the extra weight that is weighing you down.

Weight loss can be hard work, but using one of the best fat burners for women can make it less so. Use any of these products to burning fat and keeping it off a whole lot easier.