Best Vegan Digestive Enzymes

Vegetarianism and veganism are growing increasingly popular, for health, weight loss, and ethical reasons. But, for some people, making the switch to an entirely plant-based diet can be a shock to their digestive systems.

Some vegans experience bloating, constipation, and other dietary upsets. While such symptoms are rarely serious, they can be unpleasant enough to be uncomfortable.

Supplements containing digestive enzymes can help. They make digesting plant-based food easier, eliminating the problems commonly associated with an all plant-based diet.

So, which are the best vegan digestive enzymes?

In this article, we have tried, tested, and reviewed the 10 best plant-based digestive enzymes that will help you break down your food more completely. As well as being vegan-friendly, these supplements are also useful for people who have digestive issues on other diets, including keto, low fat, and intermittent fasting.

Whatever diet you are following, if digestive woes are getting you down, or you just want to make sure you are able to extract all the nutrients from the food you eat, supplemental enzymes for digestion can help.

Top-Rated Vegan Digestive Enzymes

EnzymeMD from 1MD is a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement designed by board-certified gastroenterologist Dr. David Kahana. 1MDFast-acting, it contains 18 digestive enzymes to relieve the symptoms of gastrointestinal distress, including gas, bloating, and indigestion.

Key Features

  • Broad range of enzymes, including lipase, alpha-amylase, and glucoamylase
  • Probiotics for healthier gut bacteria
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO formula
  • 30-day supply per bottle

Doctor-formulated EnzymeMD is designed to be taken shortly before meals to ensure that whatever you eat is digested properly. It contains a range of enzymes, all easily identifiable by their “ase” suffix, to aid the digestion of all types of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. The added probiotics should help improve long-term digestive health.


  • Easy to use
  • Very comprehensive formula
  • Probiotics and enzymes for better digestive health
  • 100% natural formulation
  • Well-priced


  • Only available online

1MD EnzymeMD is a powerful digestive enzyme supplement designed to boost all aspects of intestinal health. Taken before a meal, it will ensure you digest and absorb the nutrients in the food you eat, while making the digestive process much easier and more comfortable.

2. LiveWell DigestWell

DigestWell is a clinically proven digestive enzyme supplement designed to support digestion, increase nutrient absorption, and eliminate gas and bloating. Digest WellIt’s a very well-priced enzymatic product that also contains pre and probiotics for even better intestinal health.

Key Features

  • 22 plant-based enzymes from all-natural sources
  • Ginger, fennel, and peppermint for easier, more comfortable digestion
  • High probiotic content for better digestive health
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • 90 servings per container

With its single capsule servings, a bottle of 90 DigestWell digestive enzymes will last you one month. Although, if you experience severe digestive issues, you may want to double-up and take two before meals you know can cause you discomfort. This could make what is a reasonably priced supplement much less so.


  • Comprehensive, potent formula
  • Certified non-GMO, vegan, and preservative-free
  • Made in the USA in FDA-approved facilities
  • Third-party tested for purity
  • Very well priced


  • Only available online

It’s up to you if you take one or two capsules of DigestWell with each meal. You may even want to take one with meals you know you digest easily, and two with meals that are a little more challenging. With 90 tablets per bottle, you can afford to use as many (or as few) as you like of this very well-priced digestive enzyme supplement.

3. Performance Lab Prebiotic

Performance Labs make a wide range of popular, proven nutritional products, from nootropics to fat burners to pre-workout energy boosters. Performance Lab PrePrebiotic is their most popular digestive support formula designed to feed and boost the health of your gut flora and fauna.

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 probiotic and soluble fiber for healthier digestion

Instead of providing your body with digestive enzymes and probiotics, Performance Lab Prebiotics supplies your digestive system with what it needs to improve intestinal health naturally. In simple terms, it feeds your digestive system so that it can function better all by itself.


  • Gets to the heart of many digestive issues
  • Will help your digestive system heal itself
  • Supports all aspects of digestive health, including digestion, absorption, fat loss, and immune system function


  • Will take several weeks to take effect

Digestive enzymes work pretty much instantly by providing your body with the enzymes it needs to digest your very next meal. While Performance Lab Prebiotics will aid digestion, it’ll take a while for the prebiotics to improve your intestinal health. Because of this, you may want to combine this supplement with a more traditional digestive enzyme product until it really kicks in.

4. Zenwise

This supplement is a digestive all-in-one. ZenwiseWith fast-acting digestive enzymes, probiotics to repopulate your healthy gut bacteria, and prebiotics to feed the bacteria you’ve already got, this product should have a very positive impact on all aspects of your intestinal health.

Key Features

  • Advanced enzyme complex to break down hard-to-digest foods
  • Probiotic blend to boost gut microbiome
  • Turmeric for less inflammation and to support digestion
  • Peppermint for easier digestion
  • Green papaya to reduce bloating and gas

Taken shortly before a meal, the enzymes in this supplement will help alleviate many of the symptoms caused by eating hard to digest foods. In addition, pro and prebiotics will boost long-term general digestive health. This combination means this Zenwise supplement is one of the most comprehensive nutritional products around.


  • Has short and long-term benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Well-priced
  • Available in 60, 125, and 180 capsule bottles


  • Quite large capsules that some users find hard to swallow

If you care about your long-term digestive health, but also need a supplement to help you deal with short-term digestive issues like bloating and gas, this is the supplement for you. With its comprehensive formula, this fast-acting product will also ensure your digestive system stays healthy long into the future.

5. Ora Organic Break it Down

Low levels of digestive enzymes can have a serious effect on your health.Ora Break it Down If you can’t digest the food you eat, you won’t be able to extract the nutrients it contains. The 15 full-spectrum digestive enzymes in Ora Organic Break it Down will ensure that you can get all the nutrients from your food while boosting long-term digestive health.

Key Features

  • Easy to use powder – no capsules
  • Includes 1 billion probiotics
  • 15 different enzymes for the complete breakdown of all fats, protein, and carbohydrates
  • Prebiotics for better digestive bacterial health

If you hate taking capsules, this could be the product for you. Simply mix one scoop (supplied) with two ounces of water or add to a smoothie. With its natural pineapple flavor, you only need to take one serving per day to enjoy all the benefits of this easy to use product.


  • Made in an FDA-approved facility in the USA
  • No dairy, GMOs, soy, gluten, tree nuts, or artificial additives
  • USDA-certified organic
  • Refreshing flavor


  • May not relieve short-term digestive symptoms

Ora Organic Break it Down is designed to be used once a day. While this is more than enough for pro and prebiotics to take effect, it’s not ideal for digestive enzymes, which only stay active for a short time. If you experience digestive issues with every meal you eat, this may not be the best product for you. But, for general digestive health, this product is highly recommended.

6. Rainbow Light Advanced

Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System contains a good range of enzymes to digest protein, carbohydrates, and fat.Rainbow light It’s also high in digestive health-boosting herbs and superfoods. If you have difficulty digesting your meals, and suffer from bloating and gas as a result, this well-priced product could help.

Key Features

  • 10 different digestive enzymes for optimal food breakdown
  • Green papaya and apple pectin for easier digestion
  • Ginger, peppermint, and turmeric for less inflammation
  • Sea vegetable complex for enhanced nutritional health

Despite its competitive price, Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System is packed with digestive system-friendly ingredients. With its broad spectrum of enzymes plus herbs and superfoods proven to ease digestive upsets, this is a very well-rounded nutritional supplement.


  • Easy to use
  • Available in 90 and 180 capsule bottles
  • Formulated to reduce bloating, gas and indigestion


  • No pre or probiotics

If you want complete intestinal health, you should also take pre and probiotics to keep your internal flora well-populated and well-fed. That’s why a lot of digestive supplements combine enzymes with these gut-friendly bacteria. But, if you already take pre and probiotics, this digestive enzyme only supplement could be just what you need to add to your supplement regimen.

7. Enzymedica Digest Gold

Wellbeing starts in the gut, and Digest Gold is designed to naturally enhance digestive health.Veganzyme With its blend of digestive enzymes, this product will help you break down protein, carbohydrates, and fat, and also contains additional ingredients to boost nutrient absorption.

Key Features

  • A blend of 12 different digestive enzymes
  • ATP for energy and enhanced nutrient absorption
  • Magnesium, phytase, and CoQ10 to help your body break down food even more completely
  • Gluten, GMO, dairy, and soy-free
  • Vegan and kosher-friendly

For best results, take one capsule of Digest Gold before meals. The enzymes will then help you to digest your food more thoroughly, avoiding the bloating, gas, and indigestion that can make eating unpleasant for so many people. With 90 capsules, one jar should last you 30 days.


  • Fast-acting formulation
  • Good mix of enzymes
  • Proven ingredients
  • Easy to use


  • Quite expensive

Enzymedica Digest Gold is a potent enzyme supplement that should help relieve the symptoms that can make eating healthily less than enjoyable. As well as easing gastric discomfort, this product should also boost energy and vitality.

8. Source Naturals Daily Essential

A lot of people suffer from bloating, gas, and heartburn. In many cases, these problems are caused by an inability to fully digest food. Source NaturalsThe undigested food soon starts to ferment, and that’s where the problems start! Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes provides a natural way to enhance the digestive process to prevent the gastric upsets caused by undigested meals.

Key Features

  • Potent, broad-spectrum formulation
  • 500mg blend of enzymes to break down protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, and fiber
  • Manufactured in the USA in an FDA-approved facility
  • Vegan-friendly capsules and ingredients
  • Easy to use

To enjoy the benefits of this proven supplement, just take one capsule shortly before meals. You should find that you experience less bloating and gastric distress, not by treating the symptoms, like antacids do, but by addressing the cause – poor digestion.


  • Fast-acting formula
  • Made by a company with over 30 years of experience
  • Top-rated product
  • Well-priced


  • Does not contain pre or probiotics

A lot of digestive issues are caused by an imbalance in gut bacteria. These imbalances can be corrected using pre and probiotics. That’s why a lot of digestive support supplements not only contain enzymes but gut microbiome too. Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes don’t contain pre or probiotics so, if you want to add these substances to your supplement regimen, you’ll need to do so separately.

9. Global Healing Veganzyme

A lot of nutritional supplement companies are here one day and gone the next.Veganzyme This is because their products fail to live up to consumer expectations. Global Healing Veganzyme has been in production for over 20 years, and that suggests their supplements really work!

Key Features

  • A full spectrum of 20 enzymes for complete protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, lactose, and sugar digestion
  • Free from gluten, soy, dairy, GMOs, nuts, sugar, artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, and toxic fillers
  • Potent 1000mg blend of ingredients
  • Company founded in 1998 by doctor Edward F. Group III
  • Backed by a 12-month guarantee
  • Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility

Global Healing Veganzyme might not be the cheapest digestive enzyme supplement around, but it is one of the most potent and well-rounded. While others focus exclusively on enzymes for the main food groups of protein, carbs, and fats, this product also contains enzymes that target nuts and seeds, grains, beans, legumes, and other hard to digest foods. If beans make you feel bloated and gassy, this is the product for you.


  • Very fast acting
  • Large 1000 mg dose
  • The broadest range of digestive enzymes
  • Very easy to use
  • Vegan certified
  • Supplied in glass, recyclable jars


  • Quite expensive
  • Only 30 days’ supply per bottle

This might be the highest quality digestive enzyme you can buy, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Also, each bottle will only last 30 days, so you’ll need to get used to buying this product regularly. However, if you want an all-inclusive enzyme product that will help you digest every type of food you can eat, Global Healing Veganzyme is highly recommended.

10. Nutra Champs

Digestive enzymes can help prevent gastric upsets before they get a chance to start. Nutra ChampsUnlike antacids, and other OCT medications, digestive enzymes address the cause of bloating, gas, IBS, etc. and not just the symptoms. Nutra Champs Digestive Enzymes are a very well-priced product that makes them ideal for long-term use.

Key Features

  • 10 digestive enzymes to break down protein, carbs, fat, and lactose
  • Sea vegetable complex for enhanced nutritional health
  • Ginger and turmeric for less inflammation
  • Peppermint for enhanced digestion
  • Pre and probiotics for better long-term digestive health

With its enzymes and pre and probiotic payload, Nutra Champs Digestive Enzymes have both an immediate and a long-lasting effect on your digestive health. This product is a great all-in-one supplement for anyone interested in better total intestinal wellbeing.


  • Very well-priced
  • 60-day supply per bottle
  • Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility
  • All-organic ingredients
  • Third-party tested for purity


  • Some users may need to double dose as the capsules are quite small

At only 350mg of digestive enzymes per capsule, compared to 500 and even 1000 in other products, users with severe digestive issues may need to double dose to get the desired effect from this supplement. But, because this is such a well-priced product, doing so will still not break the bank. Say goodbye to gas, bloating, and food intolerances with Nutra Champs Digestive Enzymes.

Key Information

Please consider the following information before buying or using digestive enzymes.

How do enzymes work?

Digestive enzymes are catalysts that speed up chemical reactions – in this instance, the digestion of the food you eat. Your body makes digestive enzymes naturally, but production can sometimes be sluggish, and some people don’t make enough of the enzymes that they need to digest their food quickly and easily. This is especially true for people who eat a lot of processed foods and suddenly make the switch to eating a healthier diet.

Lack of digestive enzymes can cause a host of problems, including bloating, nausea, gas, and heartburn.

Digestive enzyme supplements reinforce your naturally produced enzymes, allowing you to break down your meals more effectively. As well as eliminating the symptoms of poor digestion, this will also enable you to get more nutrients from your food.

Can a Vegan diet cause Stomach Problems?

The vegan diet should be very healthy. Eating more plant-based food will naturally increase your intake of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.Young woman sitting on the bed with pain Unfortunately, and especially after eating a diet that was rich in processed foods, your body’s ability to produce the enzymes it needs for proper digestion may have been compromised.

Sluggish digestion, especially of plant-based food, can cause food to ferment in your stomach, and that leads to a buildup in gases and other noxious substances. Fiber, something the vegan diet is very high in, can also contribute to bloating and digestive issues as it delays gastric emptying and keeps food in your stomach for longer.

Taking digestive enzymes with your plant-based meals can help alleviate many of the problems commonly associated with the vegan diet.

Enzymes vs. Probiotics

Digestive enzymes and probiotics are both good for digestion but have very different effects.Portrait Of Beautiful Smiling Young Woman Taking a Supplement Digestive enzymes help break down the food you eat into smaller substances so that they can be removed from your intestines and then transported around your body to wherever they are needed.

In contrast, probiotics are bacteria that help keep the internal environment of your digestive system healthy. They are alive, and while they do play a role in digestion, they are also involved in a host of other processes, including the function of the immune system.

While they are different, enzymes and probiotics are both essential for overall digestive health, so they are often combined in gut-friendly supplements. However, they are different substances with different digestive roles.

Bottom Line

More people are suffering from digestive upsets than ever before. A steady diet of junk food, too much coffee, and sugar, plus too much alcohol, means that, when it comes to digestion, a lot of us are unable to break down the food we eat.

As a result, undigested food is allowed to ferment in the stomach and gut, causing problems like bloating, gas, and pain. Some people swell up like a balloon every time they eat.

A lot of us put these problems down to food intolerances, but in many cases, it’s a lack of digestive enzymes that are at fault, rather than a real allergic reaction.

And that’s where digestive enzymes come in. Like a pair of scissors, digestive enzymes chop up and break down the food we eat to make it easier to transport and utilize. With no remnants left over, issues like gas and bloating all-but disappear.

If frequent digestive upsets are getting you down, try some enzymes. Where antacids and indigestion tablets address the symptoms of these problems, digestive enzymes treat the cause. Taking a digestive enzyme capsule before meals could be all you need to stop feeling bloated after meals.

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