10 Best Vegan Fat Burners

Vegan and vegetarian diets are often considered amongst the healthiest. With no animal products and an abundance of vegetables, fruits, and grains, you should have no problem getting all the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

However, weight gain can be a problem for all dieters, even vegans, and to lose weight, you’ll need to exercise more and eat less.

Unfortunately, both of these things are easier said than done!

Fat burners can help (also paired with a good pre workout), but a lot of them contain animal products such as gelatin. The good news is that there are fat burners that are vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

But what is the best fat burner for vegans?

For this article, we have tried and tested the most popular vegan fat burners around so you can choose the best product for you. Armed with the information in these reviews, you’ll be able to buy with confidence.

Whether you are a strict vegan or a weekend vegetarian, you’ll find the right fat burner for your needs in the reviews below.

Top-Rated Vegan Fat Burners

Performance Lab make high-quality, safe, and clean sports nutrition supplements. Avoiding harsh ingredients whenever possible, their products are healthy and designed for long-term use. Performance LabPerformance Lab Sport Burn is their vegan-friendly fat burner.

Key Features

  • Calcium for enhanced fat burning
  • GTF chromium for more stable blood glucose and fewer cravings
  • Coleus forskolin for increased thermogenesis
  • HMB for increased muscle mass and less muscle breakdown
  • Cayenne pepper extract for increased metabolic rate, energy, and fat burning
  • Bioperine to increase the potency of the other ingredients

Where a lot of sports supplement companies use gelatin capsules for their products, Performance Lab uses prebiotic nutricaps. Not only are these capsules vegetarian and vegan-friendly, but they are also high in gut-friendly prebiotics. A healthy gut makes fat burning even easier.

Check out our detailed Performance Lab Burn review here. 


  • Caffeine-free formulation
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Proven product
  • Easy to swallow veggie-capsules
  • Helps to balance blood sugar, regulate appetite and limit fat storage all at the same time
  • Good for digestive health


  • Some users may miss the caffeine
  • Only available online

With no caffeine, this proven product won’t cause unwanted side effects. In fact, you can use it at night and still sleep like a baby. However, it’s a potent fat burner that can help make any diet more effective and easier to stick to.

2. PhenQ

PhenQ is a bestselling fat burner, and that means it works!PhenQ bottle Packed with proven ingredients, this vegan-approved product attacks fat on several different fronts to make losing weight easier than ever before.

Key Features

  • A-Lacys reset to increase metabolism and thermogenesis
  • Capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin to increase thermogenesis
  • Chromium picolinate to control blood glucose and prevent cravings
  • Caffeine for energy and increased fat burning
  • Nopal fiber for less hunger
  • L-carnitine to help turn fat cells into energy

Caffeine is a potent energizer and fat burner, and PhenQ contains 142.5mg per serving. That’s the same as 1½ cups of coffee. Because of this, users should avoid taking this product too close to bedtime, as doing so may stop you from sleeping.


  • Proven formulation
  • Combined fat burner and appetite suppressor
  • Boosts energy
  • Made in an FDA-approved facility in the USA and UK
  • Easy to use
  • One-month supply per bottle
  • Multibuy special offers always available


  • May contain too much caffeine for some users
  • Only available online and not in stores

PhenQ is a well-formulated fat burning supplement that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It contains enough caffeine to give you an energy boost, but not so much you should experience too many unwanted side effects. That said, you should not use more than the recommended amount of PhenQ as it could cause insomnia.

3. LeanBean

LeanBean is not just designed for vegetarians and vegans; its formulation has also been tailored for women.Leanbean bottle With only modest amounts of caffeine, this fat burner won’t trigger harsh side effects but, instead, will gently speed up weight loss.

Key Features

  • Konjac fiber to prevent hunger and reduce cravings
  • Choline
  • Chromium picolinate for more stable blood glucose
  • Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Chloride for better digestion
  • Zinc for increased protein synthesis and a stronger immune system
  • Green coffee bean for a low-stim energy boost and faster fat burning
  • Turmeric for increasing thermogenesis and metabolism
  • Garcinia Cambogia for increased satiety
  • Acai berry for its health-boosting antioxidants
  • Piperine to increase thermogenesis and also increase the potency of the other ingredients

While LeanBean does contain caffeine, it’s not a lot – less than a single cup of coffee. What is lacks in stimulants, LeanBean makes up for with quality thermogenic and metabolism-boosting ingredients. It’s also an effective appetite suppressant.


  • Low-stim formula
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Healthy and safe to use
  • Non-addictive formula
  • Easy to swallow veggie-capsules


  • Some users may miss the energizing effect of large doses of caffeine

LeanBean is one of the bestselling female fat burners around and it pairs well with a wide range of protein powder. Reviews are almost all favorable, and that strongly suggests that this product really works. Low in caffeine, this product won’t make you feel anxious or jittery. And with no gelatin, it’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

4. Powher Cut

Powher Cut is a vegan-friendly stomach fat burner that has been specially formulated for women.Powher Cut Made with high-quality ingredients, this product is designed to speed up fat loss without unwanted side effects. With just enough caffeine to boost your energy, this is a very popular option.

Key Features

  • Magnesium, chromium, selenium, and iron for endurance and energy
  • Konjac fiber for less hunger and fewer cravings
  • Caffeine for energy and fat burning
  • Choline for increased fat metabolism

Powher has quite a short list of ingredients, but that’s not a bad thing. Instead of containing a small amount of a lot of different substances, Powher contains more of a few, and that’s what makes this such an effective product. In this case, fewer ingredients mean a more potent product.


  • Low-stim formula
  • All-natural, proven ingredients
  • Easy to swallow veggie-capsules
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility


  • Some users may prefer a more caffeinated product
  • Only available online

Powher makes supplements just for women, and their Fat Burner is an especially good product. Low on side effects, this product will help you lose weight more quickly by boosting your metabolism and controlling your appetite and cravings.

5. LeanPM

Most fat burners are made for daytime use. Lean PMBut, what about the other 7-10 hours while you are sleeping? Talk about a missed weight loss opportunity! LeanPM is designed for nighttime use, so you can make sure you are burning fat 24/7.

Key Features

  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium for less stress and deeper sleep
  • EGCG extract for non-stim fat burning
  • L-theanine for a quieter, calmer mind
  • Melatonin for deeper, longer sleep
  • Black pepper extract for increased thermogenesis and to improve the potency of the other ingredients

Where most burners contain energizing compounds, LeanPM is the opposite! Melatonin, magnesium, and L-theanine will all help you sleep longer and deeper, so you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. Less tiredness will make exercising and sticking to your diet much easier.


  • Made especially for nighttime use
  • Potent sleep-enhancing ingredients
  • Non-stim formula
  • Easy to use
  • Proven ingredients
  • Burn fat – even while you sleep


  • Not suitable for daytime use
  • Regular melatonin use could cause a dependency

Used alone or in conjunction with a daytime fat burner, LeanPM will help you burn fat while you sleep, as well as help you sleep better. This is an excellent nighttime fat burner and sleep enhancer.

6. Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn is a strong fat burner designed to produce noticeable, reliable results. Vintage BurnMade for exercisers, this supplement has a powerful formulation that you will feel working. Be warned though, this potent product is not for beginners!

Key Features

  • Green tea leaf extract for faster resting metabolic rate
  • Raspberry ketones for more energy and less hunger
  • Green coffee bean extract for faster fat burning
  • Garcinia cambogia to prevent the formation of new fat cells
  • Caffeine for energy and fat burning
  • Forskolin for the preservation of muscle mass
  • Bacopa leaf extract for more stable blood glucose and fewer cravings
  • Chrysin for increased testosterone

While this product is not explicitly aimed at men, it could be argued that it’s not a good choice for women. For starters, it contains ingredients that are said to increase testosterone and build muscle whilst stripping body fat! However, it is most definitely a vegan-friendly product and one that provides reliable results.


  • Very potent, tried and tested ingredients
  • Popular formulation
  • High-sim ingredients
  • Designed for exercisers
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, and keto diet-friendly


  • May be too intense for some users
  • Not ideal for women

With three different sources of caffeine, this supplement will definitely raise your energy levels. However, it’s more than just a caffeine pill; it also contains other proven fat burners, appetite suppressants, and mood stabilizers. This is a very well-rounded vegan fat burner.

7. Genius Burn

Genius nutrition products always contain nootropics, so that they are good for your brain as well as your body. Genius Burn bottleGenius Burn is not just a fat burner, it will also help alleviate stress and improve your mood. A more stable mood will make dieting easier and more sustainable.

Key Features

  • KSM-66 ashwagandha for lower stress levels and a better mood
  • Citicoline for increased focus and less mental fatigue
  • Theacrine for non-stim energy, endurance, and focus
  • Paradoxine and LeanGB for faster, easier fat burning
  • Capsimax for increased thermogenesis and metabolism
  • GS4 plus to stabilize blood glucose levels and reduce hunger
  • AstraGin to increase the potency of the other ingredients
  • Huperzia serrata to improve mood and quieten the mind

Part nootropic and part fat burner, these fat burning pills are designed to take care of the mental and physical sides of dieting. If you are a stress eater or tend to eat when you are bored, Genius Burn is designed to help.


  • Carefully formulated product
  • Proven ingredients
  • Stim-free formula
  • Good for your mind and body
  • No habit-forming ingredients


  • Some users may miss the energizing effect of caffeine
  • Won’t boost your energy like some products can

Genius Burn is one of the few weight loss products that do more than just increase your calorie expenditure. By improving your state of mind, it gets straight to the cause of many overeating situations (boredom, stress, anxiety), so you are less likely to break your diet and derail your progress.

8. NatureWise Thermo Blend

NatureWise Thermo Blend is a comprehensive, all-natural vegan fat burner. Naturewise bottleDespite being free from artificial ingredients and harsh stimulants, this product is still potent, powerful, and effective. Backed by science, this weight loss supplement is for men and women.

Key Features

  • Green tea for fat burning and increased energy
  • Cayenne pepper for thermogenesis
  • Rhodiola for less stress and more energy
  • Guarana, Kola nut, and yerba mate – sources of caffeine
  • Ashwagandha to lower stress levels and increase energy
  • Olive Leaf to increase metabolism and fat burning
  • Bitter Orange to raise body temperature and increase fat metabolism

Thermo Blend contains three different sources of caffeine. However, it’s more than just a high-caffeine energy booster; it also contains other proven fat burning ingredients. Natural caffeine sources are often gentler than caffeine anhydrous powder, so this product should be well-tolerated even by people with a mild to moderate caffeine sensitivity.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Contains ingredients to boost metabolism and suppress appetite
  • Proven, time-tested formula
  • No GMO or artificial ingredients
  • Good for body and mind


  • Could still contain more caffeine than some users can comfortably tolerate

High in antioxidants and other health-boosting ingredients, Thermo Blend is as healthy as it is safe. It’s not the most potent fat burner, but it won’t cause unwanted side effects like other, harsher products can. Packed with natural but proven ingredients, this is an excellent alternative to harsh chemicals.

9. Naturelo Garcinia Cambogia+

Harnessing the power of plants, Naturelo Garcinia Cambogia+ is an excellent all natural fat burner, appetite suppressant and thermogenic for men and women. Bottle of NatureloDesigned to boost the effectiveness of any diet, this product has been proven to be both safe and effective.

Key Features

  • Garcinia cambogia to increase fat burning and suppress appetite
  • Guarana seeds for increased energy
  • Green tea extract for less hunger, more energy, and increased focus
  • Glucuronolactone for more stable blood glucose and fewer cravings
  • Forskolin for improved body composition and muscle preservation
  • 5-HTP for less hunger and to inhibit fat storage

This product is designed to be taken shortly before meals three times a day. This will not only increase fat burning but should also mean you won’t eat as much as usual. This should have a significant impact on weight loss.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • No added caffeine
  • No habit-forming ingredients
  • Free from gluten, soy, and GMO
  • No artificial additives


  • Some users may miss the energizing effect of caffeine

With only 15mg of caffeine per serving, this is a very low-stim fat burner. However, and despite this, Naturelo Garcinia Cambogia+ is still a potent fat metabolizer and appetite suppressant. If you are looking for a milder fat burner that still produces noticeable results, this product is an excellent choice.

10. AAN Extreme

Active Alliance Nutrition (AAN) Extreme really lives up to its name.AAN extreme bottle Packed with large amounts of powerful ingredients, you’ll really feel this product working. Designed for men and women, Fat Burner Extreme is compatible with all diets, including keto.

Key Features

  • Vitamin B3, B6, and B12 for energy and increased carbohydrate metabolism
  • Eria jarensis extract for energy and mood enhancement
  • Green coffee bean for increased fat oxidation
  • Theobromine for improved mood and appetite suppression
  • Bitter orange extract for increasing metabolic rate
  • Rauwolscine for increased fat burning
  • Huperzine a for improved focus and cognition
  • Bioperine for increased ingredient absorption
  • Alpha Yohimbe for energy and appetite control
  • Caffeine anhydrous for stamina and alertness

AAN Fat Burner Extreme contains a whopping 375 mg of caffeine per serving, plus other potent energizers and metabolism stimulators. If you want to lose weight fast, and don’t mind a few side effects, this is the supplement for you.


  • Proven, powerful ingredients
  • Low daily dose
  • Easy to swallow veggie-capsules
  • Boosts energy and increases metabolism while decreasing hunger
  • Suitable for men and women


  • May be too powerful for some users

375mg of caffeine is almost the same amount as four cups of coffee. Consuming that much in one hit will most definitely increase your energy, but could also lead to unwanted side effects, such as anxiety, jitters, and insomnia. You may also develop a tolerance to the effects of caffeine. That said, gram for gram, this is one of the most potent fat burners around. Just don’t use it too close to bedtime!

Bottom Line

While no vegan fat burner will magically melt your body fat, any of the supplements in this review will make dieting just a little easier and help you lose weight faster.

They contain ingredients designed to increase thermogenesis and metabolism, so you can burn fat and more calories per day, boost your energy for longer, more productive workouts, and reduce your appetite. All of which will make sticking to your chosen diet easier.

As many as 90% of dieters fail to reach their weight loss targets, or soon regain the weight they have lost once they reach the end of their diet.

You don’t have to be one of them; use a proven fat burner to increase your chances of dietary success!

While you’ll still need to eat less and exercise more, a good fat burner makes eating right and working out easier and more comfortable. Fat burners are like motivation in a jar.

With ten different vegan options to choose from, you should have no problem finding the ideal product for your needs.

As always, visit the homepage for all your weight loss, fitness & health needs!