Indoor Cycling Workout

Indoor cycling workouts can usually blast more than 500 calories in less than an hour! So are there ways to make it even better you might ask? Like the current rave in gym classes, the next level workout is when it is a ‘cardio party’ with your friends! So here is a few tips for getting the most out of your next indoor ride with your without your friends!

Get The Most From Your Indoor Cycling Workout

Firstly you want to get the  Best Indoor Spin Bike and the team at (in the link) have the best spin bike reviews around. Now once you have the right spin bike follow the key points below:

spin bike class photo

1) Get The Bike At The Right Height
The biggest mistake a lot of people make is setting the bike seat way too low. When pedaling your spin bike, the leg should be bent about 25 degrees towards the bottom of the rotation. This takes all the work away from your quads and puts it to other parts of your body.

2) Get Up And Stand Up To Intensify The Workout
If or when you are doing fast paced cycle runs try and stay seated. However if you want to add a lot of intensity; lift your bum off the seat for a few seconds or minutes. For hill climbs and/or slow periods try standing up and hold the front of the handlebars. Make sure you keep yourself over the seat to work your core, legs, and butt a lot. This will surely make the workout a lot harder getting those extra calories to burn 🙂

3) Get The Right Music Going And Move To It.
If you have some great music going during your work out it can make the ride a lot better. If you get the right music you can try to match your pedal stroke to the beat (so go for fast pace here to up it all a notch).

Make sure you pick music you like though and not just music with a fast pace. This will keep you motivated to do more and more of these workouts. Just down over use your favorite song or you might end up hating the song and correlating it with pain!

4) Get The Upper Body Working Out As Well!

Think the workout is just for your lower body? Well think again! It is definitely possible to add targeted strength moves into the spin class as well. You can add in some stuff for your arms, chest, back, and shoulders, that can transform your ride into a full body cardio workout.

To do this, start by keeping your pedal speed at an average speed. Try and do two sets of 20 reps of each move (that we will list below), using a couple of pound weights. Increase the weights if it is too easy and decrease if it is too hard!

The Bicep Curl 
Hold the dumbbells (or any weight) in each hand with your elbows bent at the shoulder. Then lift the weights in front of face with your palms out palms out. Then bend elbows to straighten arms towards the floor and repeat. Repeat until you get your 20 reps out!

The Tricep Pull Down
Hold the dumbbells (or any weight) in each hand and lift your arms overhead while the palms of your hands are facing inwards. Then bend your elbows while lowering the weights behind your head. Next extend your arms over your head and lower your elbows to chest level – meaning the weights are now in front of face. Again return to the starting position and try to get at least 20 reps out!

Bottom Line On The Indoor Cycling Workout

Stick with it, have fun, try to add more intensity to your workout where possible and burn the calories! It can be fun to do in a group but is also super easy doing it in the comfort of your own home 🙂