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Losing weight can be hard. You’re going to have to eat less and exercise more to shed those unwanted pounds. And then there’s your diet. What should you eat and how much? If you type “best weight loss diet” into Goggle, you’ll get millions of hits, and many of them will be inaccurate, completely wrong, or even dangerous.

That’s why smart dieters choose keto; it’s medically proven, effective, and relatively easy to follow.

Even then, low carb keto dieting is surrounded by myths and misinformation. A lot of people turn what should be a straightforward diet into something that’s almost impossible to understand, let alone follow.

The good news is that there is an app called Nutrita that is designed to make keto dieting a whole lot easier. This app makes tracking your food intake a breeze, and it tells you what foods you can and can’t eat on keto. In short, this app is like having your own personal keto coach on hand, 24/7, 365.



Nutrita App


Nutrita is an app that works on almost all smart devices, both Apple and Android. It’s designed to be used alongside the ketogenic diet. In fact, if you aren’t following a low carb lifestyle, this app probably won’t be of much use to you.

Unlike most food tracking apps, this one is meant just for use on keto, and that’s good news for keto dieters. This makes it much easier to use. While you CAN track keto on other nutrition apps, it usually means ignoring warnings about how much fat and protein you are eating or that you are eating too little carbohydrate.

Nutrita was designed by five well-known keto experts. The founders of Nutrita are:

  • Sarah Neidler, MSc, PhD
  • Raphael Sirtoli, MSc, PhD candidate
  • Dominic D’Agostino, (PhD)
  • Jacqui Van Kemenade, (MD)
  • Gabor Erdosi, (MSc)

With close to 100 years of keto experience between them, this team of doctors has created what could be the ultimate resource for ketogenic dieters.

How can it help you?

At its heart, Nutrita is a keto nutrition tracking app. You log the food you eat every day so you can keep a close eye on your fat, protein, carbohydrate, and calorie intake. This allows you to stay true to the low carb, moderate protein, high fat keto diet, and keep track of your day to day progress.

Recording your meals also helps keep you accountable. You are more likely to stick to your diet if you enter your food intake into a log every time you eat. In contrast, if you “go it alone,” you are more likely to cheat on your diet. After all, who’s going to know, right?

In addition to tracking your food intake, Nutrita allows you to monitor and record your weight and other metrics so you can see how your diet is going. With visual representations of your progress, you should find that you are more motivated to stick with keto, even on those days when you feel like quitting.

You can also use the Nutrita app to set customizable goals, such as the number of grams of protein or fat per day or total calorie intake. This will make managing your food intake much easier. You’ll also be able to fine-tune your intakes to make the best possible progress.


A lot of people struggle to decide what to eat on keto. They know what they CAN’T eat (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.) but are often less sure about what they can eat. As a result, they eat a low carb diet that is not necessarily healthy.

With Nutrita, you can search a massive database to determine if the food you are going to eat is really keto-friendly and how good it is for you.

Foods are scored and ranked three ways so you can make the best possible dietary choices.

Keto score – from one to ten, this score tells you how likely a food is to promote nutritional ketosis. For example, beef, which is high in protein and fat, scores 8/10. In contrast, bananas score 0/10 because they’re almost pure carbohydrates.

Insulin index – this score reveals how much a food is likely to stimulate the release of insulin. Lower insulin levels are best for health and fat burning. Whole eggs have an insulin index of 17%, as they won’t significantly increase insulin production. In contrast, bread scores 65% as it WILL trigger a large release of insulin. This food is much more likely to be converted to and stored as fat.

Nutrient density – a lot of traditional keto foods are low in nutrients. However, as well as being carb-conscious, keto dieters should also try to eat healthily, and that means plenty of vitamins and minerals. The nutrient density score tells you how nourishing food is. Something like crabmeat scores an impressive 10/10 because it’s loaded with healthful nutrients, while rice gets a measly 4/10 because it contains very few vitamins and minerals.


Nutrita has a feature you won’t find on any other nutrition tracking app – an A1C calculator. A1C is a standard blood test used to diagnose types 1 & 2 diabetes and monitor how well they are being managed. It can also indicate if you are pre-diabetic and at risk of developing diabetes.

The higher your A1C score is, the more at risk you are. However, A1C is a blood test, and that means it’s invasive. It also requires a visit to a doctor’s office.

The Nutrita A1C calculator is designed to estimate your A1C score from a series of much less invasive blood glucose tests performed with a portable glucometer. This is useful for ketogenic dieters, pre-diabetics, and existing diabetics.

It will reveal if you are controlling your condition well and also shows how following a low-carb ketogenic diet can help prevent or manage diabetes.

This function is not meant to replace medical treatment or advice, but your doctor will probably be delighted that you are taking this extra step to control your blood glucose.

Ease of Use

Like any app, Nutrita can take a little getting used to at first. It IS quite intuitive, but you may discover some functions by accident and have trouble finding others until you have fully explored the app. The good news is that all of your information is saved offline, so you won’t lose anything if you make a mistake.

After entering a few meals, doing a few searches, and otherwise using the app, you will find that it is easy to navigate and use. There are help files for extra guidance, a community of fellow users to chat with, and also a Twitter support group.


While there ARE free food tracking apps, none of them have the range of functions that Nutrita offers. This is a premium app made specifically for keto dieters. Because of this, it is a subscription service.

Nutrita currently costs $7.99 per month or $59.88 per year, which works out at $4.99 per month, paid upfront.

However, you can try before you buy as the folk at Nutrita offer a FREE seven-day trial so you can see if this app is everything you want it to be. You will be billed for your chosen subscription after seven days, so if you decide you don’t want to continue, you’ll have to cancel the service yourself.

Bottom Line

In the good old days of keto, dieters had to look up carb values in books or on charts, use a calculator to work out how many grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrate they were eating, and then write everything down in a notebook. It was a time-consuming, laborious process.

Food tracking apps do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, but they’re not always great for keto. They’re usually designed for standard diets and don’t have the capacity to accurately track your keto food intake.

Nutrita is explicitly designed for keto dieters, but it doesn’t just track your food intake. Instead, it helps you make better food choices, so you won’t only lose weight, you’ll improve your health too.

The keto, insulin, and nutrient density score features will help you create healthier, more nutritious meals. Say goodbye to the old keto standards of cheese strings and salted peanuts and hello to foods that aren’t just keto-friendly but are good for you too.

In short, it’s a handy app for keto dieters. It will help you make better food choices, stay motivated, and track your progress. Plus, it’s a massive resource of keto diet information. You can do keto without Nutrita, but you’ll find it much easier with this app on your phone or tablet.


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