What is the best time of the day to go running?

Let’s get one thing clear in the very beginning: Any time of the day is best time to go runing! Why? Because the only important thing is to actually go running on a running machine or outside. As many people lead a sedentary way of life nowadays and suffer serious consequences, making your body sweat everyday by running is truly the best thing you can do for yourself. However, all jokes aside, there are pros and cons of running at different time of the day.

Our body behaves differently at different times of the day. Some parts of the day are better for progress, some reduce the possibility of injuries, while some are the best for our mental well-being. Each time of the day has its advantages and disadvantages.

Running in the morning

From the physiological aspect, running early in the morning is the worst choice. If you go running as soon as you wake up, the cardiovascular system is still not in its full operation. The joints, muscles and ligaments are still “cold” due to prolongued lying while sleeping. The psychological aspect is also at a low level as 6 or more hours have passed since you’ve had your last proper food intake. Your energy supplies are probably low.

Advantages of early morning running are triggering the early activation of our body, raising physiological functions to a higher level and increasing positive feelings. You are more likely to inspire others if you practice regular morning running sessions.

Middle of the daytime

Running in the middle of the day is good because our body functions are already on a normal level and training is much easier. There are energy supplies from the morning breakfast. Running at this time of the day is particularly good because you can relax from the work you have done so far and prepare yourself for the second part of the day. However, this fitness journey is reserved for the lucky ones having free time in the middle of the daytime.

Evening hours

This is considered to be the best time for running as the bodily functions are at the peak and there is enough energy for the demanding training. However, the mental side peak was in the morning. That’s why you will probably have to force yourself to start the training, but you will feel much better in only ten minutes.